Monday, December 7, 2009

The Tragically Hip - December 04, 2009: Tripod, Dublin

December 04, 2009: Tripod, Dublin

Oncce again I went out of my way to see one of the best active rock and roll bands in the business and was not disappointed. Last Friday I spent an intimate evening with The Tragically Hip in Dublin, IE.

Among the roughly 600 fans in the audience were plenty of happy Canadian fans who were delighted to see a Buffalonian donning a Canadian Hip jersey.

The atmosphere was electric and the crowd was very much alive and ready for anything. We were treated with two full sets ( 2 encores) with each song as tight and as crisp as only the Hip can do, night after night! It was a real pleasure to once again have the opportunity to see the guys in a small intimate venue.

My thanks go out to The Tragically Hip, my wonderful Irish hosts, the beautiful Canadians who were as happy as ever and of course my traveling companions. I apologise about the photo quality, but it is the best one I took from the show.


1. New Orleans Is Sinking

2. The Depression Suite

3. Poets

4. It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

5. Fireworks

6. Springtime In Vienna

7. Morning Moon

8. Family Band

9. Love Is A First

10. Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)

11. Coffee Girl

12. Fiddler's Green

13. Gift Shop

14. Ahead By A Century

15. In View

16. At The Hundredth Meridian

17. Bobcaygeon

18. Fully Completely

19. My Music At Work

20. Grace, Too

21. Blow At High Dough

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OH Bama?

Just a week before President Barack Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize he has decided to escalate the war in Afganistan by adding 30, 000 more troops. This increase will put the new total of troops at nearly 100, 000.

Not really the hope and change the world was expecting. Obama, like W, will continue to murder in our name "to prevent a threat to the US". I agree with Rachel Maddow, sounds like the Bush Doctrine is alive and well in the Homeland.

How could any of us have believed that Obama would bring the change from Bush policy he promised? Isn't the job of the American President merely to keep the corporations in power and continue the monetary system? War has always been America's fuel for progress - and will continue to be as long as puppets man the throne.

© bflo12, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Free Yourself From Corporate Rule

Buy Nothing Day started in North America in the early 90's and has grown to an international day celebrated in over 50 countries.

Before you buy, ask yourself:
Do I need it?
Can I afford it?
How many do I already have?
Is it recycable or renewable? If not, how will I dispose of it?
Is it made in a sweatshop by a child slave?
How does my consumption effect poor countries around the globe?
Am I thinking for myself or am I just part of the herd?

Celebrate the holiday season(s) and BUY NOTHING!! This year make a gift, write someone a song or poem, cook them a homemade dessert or at the very least, support your local, independent retailers!

"Don't you know when you're out shopping your just fillin' up someone else's pocket book? You think you bought what you wanted man, no you probably just bit the hook." Uncomfortably Numb - Jared Burton

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Le Foot Pas Les Mains

It’s hard not to be disgusted after last night’s World Cup qualifying match between France and Ireland. For the second consecutive match, the Irish team was the better on the field but came up short. Yet, in a world where cheating is rewarded, it only makes sense that Thierry Henry’s blatant handball will be justified until it is forgotten.

I have been on the winning side of cheating. In the 2002-03 Western Conference Finals my Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings in what is now being described as a big fix. The more talented and tenacious Kings were robbed blind by the league and referees to make room for the star studded Lakers in the finals. I, like the Kings, feel cheated.I find myself caring less and less about the "spectacle" of professional sports.

Let us not be too surprised by this latest event. Even when the truth is seen, simultaneously by millions of viewers and spectators, its clear that no one will come forward to rectify the situation. Did any of the big corporations and banks come forward after the collapse and say “Oops, my bad sorry, here’s your money back” or “No thanks, we don’t deserve bailout money cause we lied, cheated and stole”? Hell no! So don't expect Thierry Henry or his conspirators to come forward either. Should we blame them? If they really believe in the simple "referee error" theory, no we can't blame them. But Mr. Henry clearly and deliberately broke the rules and should at the very least, own up to it.

If a sport is a metaphor for life, then last night’s disgraceful qualifying match is an accurate description of the reality of our existence in the society we have created and perpetuate. Hard work, honesty and tenacity DON’T payoff. Especially when profit is of utmost importance for sports and its governing bodies.

Ireland’s “loss” also seems like a reminder to us in the lower echelon to remember our place. When and if we make it to the big stage and get a chance to play with the ‘big dogs’ understand that the playing field will not be even and that revenue, power and interest will also be playing against us.

If Thierry Henry and his teammates were real men and had respect for the game of Football and sport in general, they would come forward and admit to the infraction and, at the very least, accept a rematch with Ireland. But don’t expect that. Much of today’s news gives the French media and their supporters far too much credit by stating that they are ashamed. That is extremely false. They are ecstatic about qualifying and when pressed about the legitimacy of their victory – they point to Maradona’s ’86 goal in a world cup quarter final.

I’m sorry, using that incident to justify the result of last night’s match is clearly a crime against reason. To even go so far are to try and end the issue by claiming it was a "fault d'arbitrage" (referee error) still doesn't cut it. Yet, there nothing we can do or that will be done about it. France will go on to South Africa while the Irish players will be left with the "what if" idea that will most likely haunt them for some time.

© bflo12, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Open Thread

For more disocurse like the above cartoon, visit - the premier ecology site on the web.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Park and Suites Lyon Part Dieu - Review

Doing my bit to punish lazy hoteliers the world over. If a place is cheap and I get what I pay for, then fair enough. But if I spy an injustice then I seek revenge like Ben Affleck in Daredevill...

A hotel review by Dean Turner

I stayed in this hotel because I needed to be close to the Part Dieu TGV station. Therein lies the first problem! It is probably 800m from the station and not the stone's throw they advertise on their website. France does not have a great athletic tradition in the javelin, but if this hotel can find the person who threw a stone from the Part Dieu to the front door of the Park and Suites Lyon Part Dieu Hotel then a gold medal beckons in London 2012!

The room was perfectly clean and comfortable , and double glazing meant that I scarcely heard the trains ( a lighter sleeper may struggle) that pass by the foot of my bed.

The real let down was the fitness room. One dangerous treadmill (a mechanical fault meant it slowed down randomly in use) does not constitute a fitness facility. It was also in the same room as the Jacuzzi/ small pool, which made the humidity perfect for Bikram yoga enthusiasts but for anyone else it was mighty uncomfortable.

All in all, this is not a bad hotel, but as I chose it based on its gym facilities and its proximity to the station it is safe to say that I won’t be returning."

After asking if I could post the review the gracious author of the review had this to say.....

By all means use that hotel review - it is up on trip advisor now. Hotel is called 'park and suites Lyon Part Dieu" - reading it again I was a little kind. It was a really lazily operated joint run by a disinterested management who know nothing about running a hotel. I'm sure they take the money, make the beds, clean the rooms etc, but all notions of service were lacking.